Almost everywhere you will be offered souvenir horns, being bound silver or silver-plated nickel silver – from small, on the glass, to those who are not in every case vlezut. Keep in mind: almost every seller would argue that the horn does not no cow, but a real tury. This tury horn will cost one and a half times more expensive, usually steeper curved and has not circular, and elliptical cross section. This, of course, is a small horns – of course, sharply curved horn length of two feet could belong to only tour. Well, or an underground plastic factory. Plastic can be quite heavy and a little distinguishable from the polished bone, so it is best to consult a guide. Another common gift from the Caucasus – A souvenir weapons.

Even a wizard at special stock markets near the historical sites or ski lifts usually make a certificate confirming that the purchased item with knives is not. Typically, blades are made of a brittle "powdered" metal, at least – of silumin, but can almost always find a dagger with a blade from a really good steel. The only difference between a dagger from the "real" – weakly fixed on the blade handle, usually with sealing wax. If you pack a dagger as expected, in the luggage control at landing the plane did not even ask him to show: there being taken quite a lot of souvenir weapons. In addition to Horns and daggers, metal work presented decorative tableware: cups, bowls, dishes and jugs.