Principality of Monaco

The future of the Principality of Monaco is already assured. Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittsstock have sealed their relationship with two weddings, one civilian held Friday and familiar character, and other ecclesiastical this afternoon, which have assisted 3,500 guests, including representatives of Royal houses of half the world, heads of State, and a handful of celebrities. All contributed to extol this small State of two square kilometers in which combines tradition, luxury, somewhat tacky spectacle and a bit of exhibitionism. By the same author: Christos Staikouras . Among the actors was Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic, someone with enough power to engulf Monaco if the Grimaldi do not ensure his dynasty. Alberto has been slow to do so. He married at age 53, after ten’s relationship with Charlene, five of cohabitation, one of commitment and after sitting on the throne six years, who acceded after the death of Rainier. Source of the news:: A whole, less real wedding

Uruguay Celebrates

It increases the misunderstanding of Messi with Argentina. There will be a few more painful scenarios for the flea to the night in Santa Fe. The albiceleste was eliminated that had to be his Cup in his own field, with Messi’s captain, no less than by Uruguay. It wasn’t guilt of Leo, who participated decisively in the goal of his team and transformed the corresponding penalty, but was responsible for the own Argentina, beaten by their lack of game and aiming in archery from Tevez, surpassed by the celestial, which forgave not one on the wheel of penalties and was more competitive that never in territory enemy. It already happened exactly 61 years ago, when he starred in the Maracanazo in the World Cup against Brazil. Last night he repeated in the America’s Cup at home in Argentina. Party responded to the end and after the status of classic of the Rio de la Plata, to the drama that is required to a race of this caliber, more than anything because there was an expelled by bando, the extension of medium, an outstanding performance by the two goalkeepers and the wave of the penalties as a final solution. Source of the news:: Uruguay celebrates the Maracanazo

Social Forum

They will continue discussing the proposals that have been treated have been in common a great rear Assembly. Some of them, for example, included the reformulation of the Constitution on the basis of the concept that sovereignty belongs to the people; improved communication – internal – see faces, unless spokesmen and every one or two months and external, both very necessary; a decentralization that everything will not move in Madrid; etc. Much has been said also of the media and your general self-censorship and create an own news agency, as well as own means to inform, although all of these initiatives, simple sketches, are not developed and not consensual. Banners, backpacks and bicycles were the hand luggage of the outraged, some of whom have come accompanied by their dogs or carrying baby carts. An information booth was responsible for guiding the lost and another picked emails electronic assistants to perform a mapping to improve coordination. In the trees hung posters of mobilizations in the mountains of Leon or on the beach this summer. The megaphones, to lack of speakers and microphones, were returning to acquire protagonism.

The Assembly of strategies, part of the activities of this Sunday in retirement, began at 15 h, already with some television cameras present, on the basis of a concrete proposal from the city of Granada. A few thousand people have heard initiatives related to the system of decision-making in local assemblies or harmonization of protocols of mobilizations for the coming months and deal with the media. All the proposals that have not taken place due to the lack of time, will be Monday in the 1st Social Forum of 15-M. After the demonstration, hikers ahead them another night. Source of the news: indignant throughout Spain share their strategies before the demonstration in Madrid