Internet originally was created as a source for obtaining and sharing information. It is with this purpose, we created HTML websites that carry information in the form of text and boring sometimes changing images on the top (cap). C increase internet speed made possible the advent of FLASH sites, and everything changed. In place of the boring, static pictures animation came in the person of Macromedia Flash. Measured, often formulaic world of the Internet has blossomed with new colors.

Flash brought a new trends in the industry for creating sites. Creating a site is no longer a template (rare to find like Flash site), they mostly carry the personality. We have over time more and more strive to be individual, recognizable, not like the others, and this trend is for us stepped back, bringing individuality in all aspects of our lives, including the Internet. Flash allows you to stand out to those who want it, and others, see what it just happened. Flash sites are introduced into the game element, thereby allowing the drawing and absorb information effortlessly and with great interest.

Some of you will say: "It is difficult in terms of flash navigation is difficult to understand where to click here?". I will give you advice (if you're a novice user flash) while in the flash website click on everything you see, but the main information you will tooltips (simple). Of course, all we understand who find it difficult to perceive the flash and who is a staunch opponent of such sites. These people are enemies of almost all new, not even trying to understand, they immediately say "NO". So they apply to all new and such people are called "conservatives". In my opinion, development sites with Macromedia Flash is a step in the future. An alternative may be to him only a three-dimensional graphics, which is currently very expensive and is also a pretty "heavy" for the current Internet speed. But things are changing rapidly and 3D in the near future also enter into our lives, finally displacing the boring html. Are you ready for change? I think yes.