Sociability And Success

Each person does not have enough attention. everyone. Show me even one who says: "me enough attention" and I will prove that this man has a low self-esteem, or block the will to power. And then something needs to be correction. Why do we never have enough attention? Because we – being social and just about other people can understand – be happy if we are successful there, whether their objectives are living, or sell someone else Because the only other person can answer – do we really smart, kind, gentle, beautiful, loved, talented, charming, necessary, necessary A confirmation of this, we must at all times. Negotiator – a man who knows how to move in towards a lack of attention to yourself, loved one, and concentrate on the interlocutor. That is, give the other party any part of much-needed attention to him, warmth and understanding. So simple.

So difficult. You're in the spotlight, the center of the world, the universe that man Is not going to try to keep you in the center of the universe? Do not want to stay longer the most important person on earth to someone? That's because there is attraction, liking. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Wells Fargo Bank. We both like people showing us just what we wanted to be. We very much want to continue talking with the man so understand and accept. We trust this man.

Why do so few of these negotiators? Because understanding and adoption must be sincere. Many times seen on training diligently portrayed an interest in another. Tension on their faces: 'what would you ask for something else clever? " Try people are trying hard. But from a difficult taak distraction! And any lack of sincerity, any incongruence companion instantly "read" on an unconscious level and leave the trust. Because it is very difficult – set aside their own problems and needs in attention, understanding and acceptance of, and concentrate entirely on the other. All we with each other and in the center of attention – their own cockroaches. Most of us are not up to other people. More important than how I look, I say, as I perceive And do not income, the other by the same concerned. And you look at it carefully – what was wrong with him that he is interesting, important, necessary, find – and you are using in his eyes just so. Someone wanted to – an important, significant Fortunately, there are Sorry – the post-industrial economy means that the most important in any business – is to build relationships with customers. This means that the foreground negotiators – special on building relationships and the most important becomes the ability to be attentive to the other. Understand and build trust – the most important competence negotiator.

The Essence Of Business Is Sweat

The fuel of human life in the universe is happiness and therefore, He is always willing to do whatever it takes to make us happier. The difficulty is that it does not always accept this abundance. In a corner we did not deserve it, we think unworthy of what we have actually come to experiencing, as we think unworthy of Essence that has created everything. Most of us have grown up with lack beliefs: The money is spent, it will just have to work very hard (would be a selfish act to want to enjoy time for us) The much money is earned, must be won by the sweat of the brow! The rich (and prosperous) are all thieves are bad and are not felicesa There are savings if there is then in case something serious. We must have a partner (opposite sex) and for a lifetime.

There are people who, although they are much easier to attract wealth into their lives quickly and easily lose everything. These people believe they do not deserve and so unconsciously reject what is given them. For example: a girl wants to sell a business he owns. It sells at a very beneficial for her. After a year has lost all the money he earned (occurred a series of extra expenses, perdidasa ). She acknowledges that he believes the price was too high and did not deserve to pay it much. Allow yourself to accept abundance in your life: When you do not get what we want is because I do not allow us to accept.

The Leadership

Another negative point is the brutality of these people. They treat the others as if they were true swines. Because a person only is in a lower rank, she does not mean that it is not a human being. She is for that today they exist enslaved than old. Who is not nothing today is enslaved of the others. To order with brutality nothing decides. Who plant espinheiros only can spoon later thorns.

It is exactly what it happens with certain people. During the good time, they only spread ruindades, but when the bad time arrives, they want to complain, to lament itself of the life. All error that the man only to make he himself can pay. The life is a mirror that reflects caretas that we make. JPMorgan Chase wanted to know more. As what we make, we will receive. We receive the prizes in agreement our mritos. The people who only possess this stingy superiority go to receive critical destructive, gossips, hatred and sow enter its brothers of race, an environment of strikes and discords. Many times these such chefes finish for auto if destroying.

To have an environment of peace and progress and union of all and friendship and the mutual union, the spirit of solidarity and understanding must reign. The problems must in accordance with content be decided it of all what the majority asks for. Thus it will only have an environment of peace and tranquillity. Only because a person is superior does not mean that it also left of being a person, does not mean that a God became, therefore is subject to the same yearnings, the same laws. Superiority never would have to exist. This name would have to be changed for the leadership name. The leader is the head of the group, its ideas are received by all and they know it to all to respect and to help. For other words, that superiority exists, but that it tries to together decide the problems with the others, showing the negative and positive points, with peace and patience, to display the problems, but not to impose with pessimism. Superiority without quality also is complex. Who is not nothing cannot order nothing or who is small cannot order in great things. Each one must act as person, but respeitandoo thought of the others. If I am human, the other also I am. If I suffer, the other also. If I have my problems, of the others are worse. She is necessary to enter in positive accord with all and all will help in them and then we will pass to a positive superiority where all obey in them and has a person as a leader and not as a soldier or one carrasco. It is as soon as is lived with human beings.


Here the two structures of base are defined by the permanence and the relative rigidity of the mechanisms constitute that them: way of constitution of I, treatment of the pulses and its representations, paper of the regulating and prohibitive instances, degree of evolution libidinous person, type of objetal relation, balance of the narcsicos investments and object, variety of the bow with the reality, dialectic between pleasure principle and principle of reality. The narcsico type or ' ' state-limite' ' in an intermediate organization that does not present nor solidity nor the rigidity of these two structures. It constitutes, an unstable narcsico arrangement, kept to the cost of multiple reacionais formations, being able to give the one appearance ' ' hipernormalidade' ' hiding in fact a hipersensibilidade to the abandonment, the depression, the loss of security, the fragile confidence in itself exactly and to auto-they esteem unstable. (FREUD, 1931/1974) Freud if did not occupy of borderline, but diverse to other they had made it psychoanalysts, also taking for base some of its theoretical contributions. The freudiana histrica of the end of century XIX gave place to borderline of today, while theoretical and clinical concern. Freud esbarrou in some questions of diverse orders and borderline was not gone deep the question ' ' preferindo' ' to remain with would histeria and the castration, even so has mentioned the importance of the support and the anacltica relation, entorno familiar and other pertinent questions of to borderline. One of the complicated questions Freud to understand borderline is that this if finds immersed in the relation with the other, dependent of it, overwhelming with separations, needing a relation the two, needing to find an analyst present while he himself. Although to need limits, borderline is not demanding castration, but a meeting with an analyst who exists as person, and not only while transferencial quality, conception this next one to the one of Winnicott of what of the one of Freud.

Communitarian Psychology

With the objective to make possible the discovery of the existing possibilities in each adolescent in way that were elaborated the abilities, enabling them it the new comprehensive ways to think the future, supplying subsidies the confrontation of the new situations and the responsibilities that are for coming, as well as, to elaborate awareness processes on the use and the consequences of the drugs so that they were capable to prevent themselves, the project dedicated carefully optimum planning of the dynamic and the quarrels, mediating the thematic indications offered by the young as well as dinamizando the personal meeting and atendimentos so that they could feel courage to take the attitudes necessary to accept the necessity to grow as people. In Brazil the trajectory of know-making of psychology in relation to the community was initiated in middle of years 60 and suffered theoretical, epistemolgicas and metodolgicas transformations important in this space of relatively short time, what it resulted in the diversity that today can be found with respect to the development of the works of /as psiclogos/as in the communities (SNOWS; BERNARDES.1998, p.241). This new branch of psychology, whose professional acts in the community is characterized by developing projects that if direct the social citizens in specific ambient conditions, intent to its respective psychic constitutions. Its looks are opened for the improvement of the relations between the citizens and the nature. It is in this configuration that is all the effort for the mobilization of the communities in one continues search of better forms of if living, and same that Communitarian Psychology has different psychological chains, it has this objective in common. (FRANK, 1988). On this Guirado subject (2004, p.25) it argues some ideas of Bleger: Its proposal is to make Psychology to leave the doctor’s offices and the therapeutical limits to accumulate of stocks the daily reality; if this passage must be scientific, the social function of the psychologist always will be traced as one investigating intervention. . PayNet addresses the importance of the matter here.

The First Quality Required For Success

The best thing we can do for themselves – is to learn how flexible thinking and adapting to new conditions. The most important quality in this process – awareness. Despite the fact that these words are very popular in everyday life, a true understanding of is not given to many. In our life we can control only what we understand and what we do not realize – controls us. Realize – it is to know and understand the nature and essence of what is happening through observation and interpretation. All what we see, hear, feel, experience – amenable awareness and gives us a rich range of feelings and emotions stay in the world.

In mindfulness, as well as other qualities – such as hearing or vision, there are an infinite number of degrees. For greater fullness of life is necessary to increase the degree of awareness. For businessmen it is professional quality, since it needs to understand their thinking for an instant choice of the optimal solutions in changing situations. Awareness – the knowledge of what is happening around you, and here we should dwell on what we perceive. All that is around us – is the input information: for example, when you eat a croissant and drink coffee, you feel the taste of food, the aroma emanating from it cold from touching the tuning fork and knife, you can see a variety of colors on your plate, you hear the sound of the radio and feel the comfort of sitting in a comfortable chair. Perhaps in this the time you all are aware of and accept.

Maybe reject or ignore, twisted in the clouds. Or chitete newspaper. Perhaps at this point you are passionate conversation with someone and your attention focused on him. Perhaps you pay attention only to the most important thing for you – the feeling of satiety. That perception – the process allows you to experience the uniqueness of the moment, experiencing the here and now. On the table next to you in a vase is a flower and a ray of sun playing with him. You can see just what this flower is red and water in a vase – net, and can enjoy the overflow of the sun shades from the game. Here the sun went behind a cloud, and the shade was dense, and an overflow will not happen again. Will be different. To to be more conscious you need in any situation, ask yourself the following questions: What I see now? What I now hear? What I'm feeling? What I feel now? What am I thinking now? Try to combine these experience and understand what is happening. Do this every day, first in simple situations alone, and then gradually increasing complexity. Be more aware, and you will feel the uniqueness of the world, so – and the uniqueness themselves.

Social Phobia

leaving personal liberty in the hands of others and no one knows better than you what you want, who you are and where you're headed. Breakage with yourself: Once these people go stuck in full society and other people's thoughts led attacks them the feeling of being lightheaded or dizzy, everything goes round and round. Why? Obviously, they have been around without imposing a single step of the initiative within, from one place to another to the floor dizzy. It leaves the feeling that you do not dictate your interior, in addition to this feeling, holding hands accompanies anger with himself or herself. Social rejection: Since being alone listen to our own opinion, to be alone for a long time we can have our views as the only true, it would be like having your ears filled with wax, not listening to others or even a constructive thought . Would be an error and the rejection of those people towards it.

What would make your mind willingly went mad not to have to live always with the same routine, she would flee sheltering in the madness. And once it gets to the madness … we would be at their mercy, again depending. Social Phobia: The sensation of burden that may produce is inexpressible, drowns you, makes you feel distant even from yourself, confusion with the environment, negative thoughts that affect our performance. Do you see now clear where the boundaries between social isolation and dependence? We find myself somewhere that anger because we are changing and changing needs are not always the same. In this section, and discover you do not want to contribute, I'll just tell you a little method: self-assessment and ask yourself. Do not want to make more simply because everyone must grow from there, as each has its limitations, his acquired knowledge and more or less readily to perform them.

As each one must be a self-assessment and discover the same and of itself, as well as some paths to be marked. ''I do not mean to say that path you take, if I told you deviate one of selfishness, but each one is master of himself and has to do what he wants in his life. Each owns their feet and their steps. I can not give me the steps for you . So, what is said, go ahead with your projects. And much encouragement. Quierete, apreciated. Eduardo Rodriguez Liza