An important factor that should be taken to team development measures translate into measurable business results,: to achieve success through team development, it is important to define meaningful goals. These objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable and time bound. Key objectives, such as for example an increase in turnover of 20% within a year, is useful to integrate in objectives. It is crucial to determine what are the implications of these objectives on the team for the team development. Effects, tasks, and benefits are clear, the team is can consume sustainably by the team development intervention. And how can the company now benefit from a successful team development? The study organization 2015 “identifies the increasing importance of the cooperation of enterprises.

The study is a joint project of the Boston Consulting Group, the society for organisation and the Austrian society for organisation and management. Empirical studies have shown that a cooperation expertise in positive correlation with sales growth is. While there are enough technical opportunities in companies for cooperation purposes, mostly the team development is the decisive criterion for the effectiveness of cooperative efforts. Team development thus has direct impact on hard consequences such as the sales increase. Through team development activities, the work process of the individual teams and thus of the entire company can be made significantly more effective. It is assumed that 90% of all problems in a company due to deficiencies in the work process arise. Most companies see the improvement of quality, innovation, and productivity of the entire company as a success of the team development. Team development can help departments and managers within the company to improve interpersonal relationships between individuals, groups,.

So she wears Team development governed by effective communication and also an effective work process at. Last but not least, team development promotes interpersonal trust and the quality of personal relationships. A study of by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital confirmed that the impact of team development such as well-being, commitment and productivity, the most critical components in an enterprise. Team development promotes employee engagement, which is also characterised by the own determination and confidence in the organization. Improved productivity is by the quality of interpersonal relationships and interacting in groups affect which team development activities to a large extent promote. Says Nancy Etcoff, Ph.d., senior researcher of this study: the results suggest, that promote jobs a positive environment and interpersonal trust and high quality of personal relationships offer the most dedicated, and create productive employees.” It no longer belongs to the undefined soft skill seminars”team development, which is the Chief as a freebie has second thoughts about. Team development occupies an irreplaceable position on the way to a successful company. The coaching house Berlin specializes in team development, coaching, training and in-house seminars. Managing Director and systemic consultant for team and organisational development Marcel Hubenthal reported: many young and innovative companies worry increasingly about their teams and know the value of team development activities. Effective communication and implementation teams is a crucial performance in company. Impulses to be a single team development activities very well put, resolve conflicts and sharpen objectives, but for long-term effects are still other things to take into consideration, above all the systemic work items. A good systemic evaluation and follow-up are very very helpful. Successful teams are usually about one longer period of accompanied, optimal potentials, strengths, and abilities to work out and to make usable for team work.” Contact: Coaching house Berlin stone RT 21 10119 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 288 380 30