Many business people are quite unfamiliar with the laws of investments in Ghana.  This is true for both locals, but even more so for foreign entities.  There are many protective elements in place that most people do not understand.

One example of this is taken from Ghana’s constitution.  In article 20 there is protection from property deprivation with a specific clause as to the elimination of “compulsory acquisition of property.” This is understood to mean the inclusion of investment in all cases apart from when a compulsory acquisition is needed for: “defense, public order, morality, health and benefit of the country.”

Another example is the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act 2013 (GIPC Act 865), provides investors with “concrete guarantees and assurances in respect of their investments in Ghana.”  Further, this law guarantees  against expropriation, which is permitted “only in the national interest and must be accompanied by fair and adequate compensation.”

This is just a snippet of the many guarantees and provisions Ghana provides for investors that we help elucidate.