High security seals of the logistics in Nuremberg, January 24, 2012 – sea freight container must be sealed immediately after loading with a high security seal. Such a seal must be not to open with a simple bolt cutters and a unique number that is stated on the accompanying transport documents must carry. Therefore offers iloxx now own high security seals for all corporate customers. After the terrorist attacks on the twin towers the Customs-Trade Partnership against terrorism program C-TPAT was stimulated by CBP United States Customs. This program requires among other things that the maritime containers with a high security seal is provided so that the container can be opened not go unnoticed throughout the supply chain. The internationally valid international ship and port facility security code (ISPS Code), which also was decided after the attacks of September 11 by the International Maritime Organisation IMO, in addition to other provisions also stipulates that sea containers with high security seals during the supply chain need to be protected from opening. Sealing of freight container with a similar security seal cost around 100 euros with the harbour master.

iloxx has acquired an own number range and the seal offers its customers now for 10 euro per piece. The sender can consist of two parts, each bearing the same, globally unique serial number the grab seals overseas container after loading even seal and save costs. Once assembled, they are inextricably linked, and can be more destructive each solved, because they conform to the ISO/PAS 17712 certification standards. They are made of a hardened special steel, which is covered by ABS plastic. Seal pin and seal capsule can simply be mated with the hand. Both parts are connected, they have a tensile strength of approximately 2.4 tons. The serial number as well as the bar code are laser-engraved and serve as a security feature.