More informative articles on PFerdegesundheit and attitude is available at Pferdialog. A private well with a bit of effort to set up its own water well in the pasture. Such access to groundwater saves not only the work of water transport, but especially for larger horse stocks long term money. Willow fountain can be created where the ground water level is no more than 7 to 8 meters below the surface. Access is either flushed or rammed into the ground. Metal pipes in the ground are driven at the pile-driving or beat well. The pre-drilling with a posthole Digger makes work easier.

Also by a flushing well to drill or dig in order to facilitate the flushing. Then, a backwash filter is rinsed with water that comes out of the underside of the flush tip under high pressure, into the Earth. Ask neighbors with agriculture often have this already a pasture wells in operation and can provide the necessary depth or help even when drilling / flushing. Otherwise, there are special service providers who take over the wells. You can ask even when the local fire brigade, that also has the necessary high pressure port. The establishment of a Fountain is a notifiable disease – the local bottom water authority is responsible. This can also tell you at what depth the water in your area is, what quality it has and what it can be used. The fountain is decorated, you need a pump (from about 300 euros) for extraction of groundwater.

Pasture pumps are less suitable for cattle, where the animal must bring water by pressing a lever from the ground. The mechanism is often so hard to press, many horses are very loathe to use it. There are however specific models for horses and calves, which are particularly sensitive. Initially, observe whether the horses understand the mechanism. Unlike as in the Wiles of a self water is only after two or three pump impacts revealed. Electrically driven pumps are an alternative. These can be operated, for example, via a battery which is recharged with a solar cell. Another possibility is the connection of a cock hand pump. This will of the people operated by hand. This means though that you regularly got to the pasture, to fill a container for the horses with the help of the pump. But at least there are the water directly on-site. Franziska Loffler

Southeast Asia

Buffalo mozzarella and fancy earrings… The name is based on its original use in predominantly wet, swampy regions and its preference for water buffalo. His widely splayed hooves provide the Buffalo there securely. The water cools the animals nicely and after the bath, a layer of silt protects the skin from too much insect bites. Once lived the water buffalo in Asia as well as in Europe. The extinction in Europe was either due to the hungry of people of the ice age or, but, in the catchment of the ice itself.

Its range contracted in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and India. There he was domesticated, depending on the region of 7000 to 5000 BC. To Europe, the Buffalo in various ways, came back again in the 6th century a.d.. Today it is grown in Italy and many Balkan countries. Wild water buffalo, however, are a rarity, he is considered on the red list of endangered species endangered. The figures vary because it is very difficult, the wild Buffalo from the Ausgewilderten to are different. There are domesticated water buffalo today in Germany, but rather deemed exotic industry. Still, the water buffalo is used as a pack animal and agriculture.

Of course, also leather, meat and milk of the animal are used. The real mozzarella is made from buffalo milk. It is less well known that jewelry is made from the remaining bones and horns. Pendant, necklaces or unusual ear jewelry. After carving, the products are polished, where the bone retains its ivory color, but black is the Horn jewelry. SID Kroker