Challenges Of The New President

Colombia lives today by turning to the new generations with unresolved problems for decades, but with hope reborn in this presidential debate, due to the variety of positions of the candidates that give the country to choose from. The President of Colombia in the period 2010-2014 will lead a country that has failed to find the path to peace, but they strongly approve the progress of democratic security, and fear of returning to times in which the whole country was hijacked and shopkeepers to pay extortion fees. A country that does not forgive a president who falter in spending, actions and determination to defend all citizens of terrorism and intimidation committed in the following groups outside the law, and instead that thank the President to go further and implement an effective program to achieve public security in urban centers in the country. Learn more at this site: Ben Silbermann.

The next President will find a country with high unemployment and lack of opportunities which claim, forcefully expressed than ever before, structural changes in our economy that may lead to a significant increase in productive employment and entrepreneurial work in both the short and long term. Reduce the unemployment rate to an acceptable level of 5% of the workforce is more than a requirement of state and will require a sustained growth of our economy over 5% annually, a transparent policy of formalization of the economy and policies outright clear revival of the field, the construction of more than 1 million homes, the launch of an ambitious plan to build infrastructure for competitiveness and productivity, as well as steps to encourage job creation in the sector private waist give the financial system, credit irrigate easily accessible and affordable to small and medium businesses, and a strong program of education and technical training for the job.

The next President will find a country weary of seeing steal their nose each year the phenomenal sum of seven billion dollars and that he will appeal not give an inch of advantage in the fight against corruption. And this is a crucial issue because corruption has affected all social classes and has permeated all activities undertaken by the company, The next President will govern a country where more than 20 million poor and more than 8 million poor will require the compliance with the millennium goal never mentioned in the campaign, which states that by 2015 there will be no more than 28% of the population in poverty and 8% in extreme poverty. The next president will find a country where 3 million displaced demand attention to solve their most urgent basic needs and live in dismal conditions that the poor, pushing the cities that have been taken over to invest unexpected amounts of money in providing them with clean water, shelter education and health. The next president will receive a country with diplomatic relations with its neighbors in critical condition with a tendency to worsen, which will require strong and firm hand in dealing with Chavez and Correa, but full normalization of trade with these sister countries.

Which of the three candidates and a few options, according to recent surveys, Mockus, Santos and Nohemi, is the one with the quality, strength, experience, knowledge and willingness to overcome these and many more challenges facing the country? Which one is most suitable for all Colombians, but also to Huila in the current time? Missing a long month in which each of the voters hopefully will make a decision guided solely by the highest interests of the country.

Security Brokers

Safety is a precious commodity for people. Cameras, security, life insurance and are employed frequently. But sometimes that’s not enough and creativity is the order of the day. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeremy Tucker offers on the topic.. Currently in some neighborhoods the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) function called “School Safety Corridor.” In 2003 Juan Jancewicz, a neighbor of the neighborhood of Devoto, promoted this joint initiative. The “School Safety Corridor” he said at the outset to protect over 4,000 students attending four schools in this district. The idea came after the daughter of Jancewicz was persecuted several times by a group of individuals who traveled by car along the route that took her from school to home. After talking with other neighbors, Jancewitcz, he noticed that several students and teachers had been victims of crime in the vicinity of their schools. Since then, established a support network for each neighborhood.

Residents and traders who place on their premises a sign reading: “Supervised area. School Safety Corridor “- joined the initiative, so that before any emergency children, parents and teachers can help. The corridor covers an area of 70 blocks, in the area the new police presence is noted after 18 hours which makes essential the support of neighbors, who also joined authorities of educational institutions involved. In turn, to the extent the zonal police patrols stepped up movement, and incorporated some quarters of the Rotary Club is able to print flyers to explain and promote it. Based on the success of this initiative, “School Safety Corridors” multiplied and spread to other neighborhoods in the capital of Argentina.


We live in a culture where we have become addict to the approach of the conversational approval. That is to say, the exercise of ” to give approval to feel aprobado” d to place all along. Tenth something and immediately ” receptor” it also comments something. And this happens almost of immediate way and without pauses. There are customary ” to the noise of mundo”. All we are responsible to live in conscience, nevertheless, we are but time with the autopilot who in our center. I will give some examples you that prove this.

As much noise has fed us the inconciencia and we indicated in the communication of different ways through our personality and styles to it to communicate: The Sabelotodo: You are an expert finalizing the orations of other people. You interrupt to finish whatever the communication. A question, one doubt, a commentary, an opinion This way you impose your ” inconcientemente; car-control” giving the message that you know everything to it. Invalidating the opinion of others although it is not that your conscious intention. The Robot: Listening and your head it seems a piata. Accompanied by ” Umju” your head moves of above downwards in continuous ” si” like approving everything what they say to you. Giving reason so that they accept to you. This behavior makes readable and it give force you of approval to whatever the conversation, it does not matter if subject or no.

is draining and nor so at least it give account you. The Astronaut: The one that Speech watching at all the others! to the moon, the horizon, to Pluto, less to the eyes of the person with who it talks. It would seem that there are ten people around yours, so that knowing your that goes, it seemed that speaks to them to all the others. These are only three, of other so many ways of personified styles of communication. Declared of different ways, nevertheless dividing of the same place Excess of mental activity. The noise separates to us from silence and it supports to us to evade important truths that we wished to ignore. Everything in excess brings desbalance. You have put yourself to think That so if the words that nontenth cause but to impact that the ones that indeed is listened to? What so if a single question creates but impact that an oration? , Serious what if silence and the face or verbal expression do not communicate but that thousand words? What so to practice silence? To be scared to the solitude is to fear to him to silence. To fear to him to silence is to fear to the thoughts and feelings to him that they connect to your interior. And if sights inwards these not watching towards outside. And to watch towards outside is to live in the responsibility not being given your power always having a good justification. The moments of silence are the ideal atmosphere to connect with your greatness and espiritualidad. Concdete 15 minutes in silence and writes on your experience. Silencio is tool of your Wisdom. How silence can be a tool of Peace at this moment of your life? This week you do of silence your Treasure!