Rio De Janeiro

Leaving its culture to the little forgotten being, therefore, the children of these young will not have access to know lived them to all for the last generations and yes of that one where she is inserted, that is, the new culture created for the young of today. We cannot affirm that all this cultural set will be lost for the future generations, the current generations still follow a great part of this cultural set, but he gives credit yourself that if each one of these generations to leave stops backwards a piece of it, with elapsing of the time will not have access to these to know. The young of today is innovating its cultural set, where inserted in this group of friends, each one brings obtains a little of its culture and joining these different ones to know, rules, customs, it is created appears a new culture created by them. If it cannot among others say that these new rules and customs cited it is not a culture, is a culture that also can be followed as excessively, however the parents believe that the culture lived for them was well more educative of what of the present. Therefore, it is a challenge in such a way for the parents how much them new generations to follow these cultural sets in the way where he is inserted.

Judicial Judge

Of the Vasco, in a game in General Severiano, it had two expulsos players and it lost for the Bangu for 3×0. When the judge validated the room goal, the aggressor Of did not support itself and was to take off satisfactions with the arbitrator. In exchange, he gained a card red. Of he pulled out the card of its hands and tried to tear it. As he did not obtain, since he was plasticized, left running with it in the hand and crying out: ‘ ‘ you gave the card to me, now it you are mine! ‘ ‘ Source: APPEL, Valdir. In the mouth of the goal.

Itaja: S& T, 2006. P. 91. Gascoigne Glasgow Rangers x Hibernian, in the Esccia, in 1995, ran normally. It was when it fell yellow card of the pocket of the Doug arbitrator Smith. Paul Gascoigne, celebrity player of the English election, catou the card and showed to the judge, in trick tone. Doug did not like and retrucou the serious one, applying it Gascoigne, that later still was suspended for two games. Source: EMED. Madnesses of the soccer. 3 imp. So Paulo: Panda, 2005. P. 25. Dimas In 09.07.1986, the Pacaembu, Corinthians x XV of Ja, for returno of the So Paulo championship. The game was 0x0 when Andres, of the XV, was banishes for the arbitrator Antonio Carlos Hail. The players of the Rooster of the Judicial district had surrounded the judge to take off satisfactions and it used to advantage to banish plus one, the Nvio stocking-right. Therefore exactly when it raised the card, the zagueiro Dimas, for backwards, took the card and ‘ to it; ‘ expulsou’ ‘ the arbitrator. Clearly that he was I also banish. Only with eight in field, the XV did not resist and lost for 2×0. Source: PANSIERI Jr, Antonio Carlos (org.). Historical edition: XV of Ja, history, the conquests and the embroidery frames. Ja: XV of Ja, 2004. P. 55. Chico of the Taxi Francisco Imperiano, known as Chico of the Taxi and also Chico of the Musical instrument, deceased in 26.03.2008, was considered the torcedor greater of the bis Sport Club. It made possible and the impossible one to attend all the games of the Worse one of the World. Certain time, while Santa Cruz and Sport if faced in a crowded Arruda, the same hourly, bis and Ferrovirio played before an only torcedor: Chico of the Taxi, is clearly. As a good gotten passionate torcedor, if it did not contain and it started to xingar the judge, whom it did not need to strengthen itself to discover of that torcedor they came the shouts. Only that this judge, Gilson Lamb, were delegated of policy: he banished the twisted entire, that is, the Chico, and ordered the p.m. to remove it of the stadium. The handle of the p.m. that was to fulfill the order considered the Chico: if he was quiet, could remain in the stadium. It is truth that Chico made of everything to attend the bis, only that did not open hand of the sacred right to twist freely preferred to go even so. It was as soon as occurred expulsion of the only torcedor of that departure.

Universal Declaration

In the net expensive friends, Wilileaks, prepare themselves to know the embroidery frames as never, he will be? The article 5 Caption of the Federal Constitution deals with the basic rights to the inherent life, freedom and equality to the human being. Thus, greater relevance today has the basic rights of the human being, with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen. The Holistic University is based on this, to watch over, to promote the humanismo between the men, is the life that is in game. McLuhan, theoretician of the mass communication, affirms that the way is the message. It is irrefutable that television is propayer of the mass culture, but it has that if to attempt against to the social phenomena that had come to tona in century XXI while source of what it is propagated to take care of to the hearing. Then, who was born first? It answers if it will be able. (PS: Love I You, the film, attend three times, ' ' valley the green penalty novo' '). As to structuralize the speed of the exacerbado evolucionismo seno for the preservation of the condition human being, materialize for the exerted social control through the state power. The life in inserted family in the educational bases for the practical one of the citizenship, the moral values need to be rescued, in view of that the financial profit, as well as the status, considered for the North American ideal of perfect life in American Pie they contradictate the image right, as well as the preservation of the dignity human being in the society contemporary.