There are 24 in the downward trend of 31 European stock markets. Germany, France and the United Kingdom now with sell signals. The Actiomaxx trend following system analyzes the trends of 31 European stock markets every month. Current result: 24 markets are located in the downward trend and thus 11 markets more than in the previous month April. Only 7 markets tend continue upward and are therefore clearly in the minority. Major European economies now with sell signals Germany, France and the United Kingdom are new on the list of countries that are in the downward trend and thus have sell signals.

Since August, 2011 Spain and Italy can be found there. Greece already got this signal in January 2010. 7 markets in the upward trend of the stock market, the Actiomaxx with a buy signal indicating decreased from 11 to 7. Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Romania, and Turkey will receive this signal. Developer of Actiomaxx Trend following systems, banker and honorary advisors Robert Marc Mennenoh to the current situation: “the insecurity of investors is currently very high. This of course also reflected in the rates again and the system “Actiomaxx” allows to detect a trend and to emit signals. The significant overweight of the countries located in the downward trend, including just the biggest European economies, is pessimistic. I expect here on falling quotations.” In practice – profits let Actiomaxx trend following system and limit losses every month after closing the Actiomaxx trend following system analyzed the course of the relevant underlying asset and provides the predominant trend location, up – or downtrend, firmly.

Before it comes to a signal output, the strength of a trend and a Volatilitatsfilter are upstream to avoid false signals. In an uptrend, we issued a “buy” signal and in a downward trend, a “For sale” – signal. “Actiomaxx is not a forecasting system, which tries to predict possible trend reversal points. It displays existing trend movements, until a reversal of trend has occurred. For this reason, I advise investors who are invested in downturn markets to sell their investment, to park the capital safely and to wait to get back on an uptrend signal. Retighten their stop prices closely should investors who are active in markets with upward trend. Here it might be hard to evade the downward overall trend situation.”continue to Mennenoh. “Every investor should know the market trend location. Against the trend to invest can significantly at the expense of return go.”is he sure. More information to the Actiomaxx trend following signals see press contact Actiomaxx trend follow-up report honorary advisors Robert Marc Mennenoh Tel.: 0481 / 120 8 5050 over the Actiomaxx trend follow-up report of the Actiomaxx trend follow-up report informed private investors monthly about the current trend situation, his personal Investment Fund with the aim to optimize the yield of the Fund. A comprehensive overview of the trend location of large country and sector indices, trend-following pattern depots, condition comparisons of various fund brokers and current day – and fixed-term deposit offers complete the trend follow-up report. Highlight is the personal contact for all questions about the implementation.