Plus, they require significant energy costs for maintenance, which is probably a negative factor in many cases. Therefore, before buying, to get started is to weigh all the pros and cons, that material resources are not wasted. The most versatile for use in the car are thermoelectric refrigerators. Their main advantage is the ability to work in two modes: cooling and heating. Therefore, use Units of this type can be both for storage of perishable products and for heating food. Temperature range, which employs thermoelectric refrigerators, usually ranging from +3 to +60 degrees Celsius. Plus, the design of such devices does not suggest the presence of different kinds of moving parts, so the probability of failure is reduced to almost zero. Lack of refrigerant Freon and make safe and refrigerator environmentally friendly.

By the way, all of these features are directly reflected in the price – it is much lower than in the compression model. Therefore, even the top models of this type of refrigerators you can purchased at a price not exceeding $ 400. With regard to required to maintain the health unit of power, enough of a voltage of 12 volts. Using a refrigerator in the car, just turn special cord into the cigarette lighter, and then select the desired mode of operation. In the case of a fall-board voltage drops below a threshold level, automatically disabling the refrigerator. It is also worth noting that using special power supply thermoelectric coolers can be used at home, having in stock only the ac mains of 220 V. In some models, voltage converters may be provided initially, so if you plan to use your refrigerator, not only in the car, but also, for example, in the country, you do not have to bother searching for a necessary accessory. Now, for each of you, I think, would be sufficient only to decide on the purposes for which require one or the other refrigerator. Whether it’s trips with his family on a picnic or long-term international travel, car refrigerator will always be useful.