easycash and active cards create traffic jam-free cash zones in Ratingen, June 2009. The RFID management company active cards and solutions GmbH (active cards) has taken easycash fully automatic RFID cards on charging machines in operation in cooperation with the payment specialists. First were two so-called e-loader\”provided for the charge of contactless payment cards in the Munich University of applied sciences; other machines will provide in the Bavarian Chamber of insurance for contactless and accelerated payment. While active cards provides the machines and POS structures, the Ratinger operator settles easycash cash payments to the up charger per electronic; Moreover, the Ratinger company delivers the necessary card terminal components. Contactless card for fast payment by contactless payment, in the cafeteria, canteen or at the vending machines, accelerates the loading number process several-fold.

Because the payment is an offline process, the network operating at peak hours will not be charged. The of the Student Union of the University of applied sciences Munich and the Bavarian Chamber of insurance used RFID cards are \”system with any amounts charged. the easycash together with active cards operated e-loader Payment is by ec-cash, in the future also by credit card; Payments are handled via the network of easycash GmbH. In addition, easycash provides the Terminal components of type Thales Artema modular as well as the necessary dial card for installation in the e-loader machines. These can go via TCP/IP-protocol or ISDN online. e-loader is a multi-talent for various applications due to the decentralized payment network of easycash nationwide can be used differently than previous closed systems the e-loader system.

The use on campsites and marinas is already in the planning. Also paying in sports stadiums, public transport or in theme parks is possible. Moreover, a cross-acceptance points using of the new system is possible. For us was the extremely high \”\” Transaction speed of the network a critical reason to opt for a partnership with easycash \”, Hakan Yerinmez, committed CEO who now is active cards and solutions GmbH.