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This mystery has always existed. It revealed the world, it was kept a secret, her lost and found again. Behind her were hunted, it sought to learn all available forces and means. And then came the moment when this secret knowledge again discloses the world. In the movie “The Secret (The Secret) argues that a radical change in his life a man must perform three steps: Step 1 – you need to tell the universe what you want (that is, ask what you want) Step 2 – you need to hear the answer to the universe at your request, it always responds. Step 3 – you need to take the current situation with no experience. You need to be enthusiastic and have a constant elation, pending execution of your desires. You will learn how to apply this knowledge to bring to life the joy, health, wealth, success in business, good relations with people and much, much more. More info: Bill Phelan.

This practical guide will help you to realize lives the dearest dreams! Amazing movie, where scientists, psychologists, businessmen, philosophers, writers reveal the greatest secret in the universe, which enables a person to achieve all desired in this world: joy, health, wealth, relationships, happiness … MAYBE THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE THAT YOU SEE IN YOUR LIFE! This film is an Australian group of enthusiasts who have found a lot of famous people, who today knows one of the greatest secrets of how the forces of the universe. And they wanted to share this knowledge with all people. The secret comes from time immemorial, since the Egyptian pyramids. Its a lot of time trying to hide from people, many famous people and the rulers of the past knew about it, but apparently did not want this to become known to the masses of people.

And now, this knowledge is open to many people probably because it’s time for this. This secret can give you everything you want. Happiness, health and prosperity. You can become what you want. Miracles happen to people every day, miraculous healings, miracles, a change in financial condition, wonderful history of changes relationships between people. If people know how to turn their lives wherever they want. And what is the secret? Who so carefully concealed from the people of seven seals? The secret is simple. The law of the universe is accurate and perfect.

International Public Committee

I could not accept the idea that talking to the same age … XX century. In fact, that recently celebrated its Baron 90-year anniversary, it was impossible to believe – so flawless was his appearance. In its "incomplete hundred" he is young soul, retains an enviable clarity of mind, witty, energetic, friendly. It was a warm May evening. Sun dignity was completing his daily ritual.

In the huge, glittering gold-ray room magnificent palace in St. Petersburg the time of Peter and Catherine, went handsome, tall and smart man. Plain black tuxedo, a dazzling white shirt and black butterfly only emphasized his already slender figure. In the gait and behavior is clearly discernible manner of this aristocracy, and the opinion expressed quiet confidence and a keen interest. This man was the Baron Eduard von Pfalz-Oleg Fein. CHIEF AMONG THE BEST Orthodox tiny European citizen Principality of Liechtenstein, who had seen in my lifetime a lot of events of historic proportions, arrived at Tsarskoe Selo is not accidental. Honourable Baron was one of the main characters of the celebrations to mark the 300th anniversary of the Northern capital.

In magnificent Throne Room of the Catherine Palace – the summer residence of Russian monarchs – was held the next modern Peter the Assembly of the XXI century, which honored the winners of new award named after the highest public Peter the Great. One after another on stage, crowned with colorful decorations and huge bouquets of flowers, rose the best representatives of business and political elites, heads of cities and regions, the outstanding artists and athletes. Resolution of the International Public Committee for his outstanding personal contribution to the development of cultural cooperation with Russia, Mr. Eduard von Pfalz-Fein was awarded the International Prize of the Peter the Great. On reaching the scene, accompanied by guards Transfiguration Regiment, baron with ease raised above the head statue of Peter I, weighed slightly less than ten pounds.

Vampires In Literature

Vampires in the world literature and culture are not what – or new developments, and they did not invent the Irishman Bram Stoker in his world famous novel "Dracula." Immortal thirst of blood, in Central European culture known for a very long time. And in many states there is still a belief in the deaths, which are selected from their graves to suck the blood of ordinary people. However, in the 19th century occultism and enthusiasm of readers folklore simultaneously with the fashion trend of the time, as loudly recite the emotions, egged company sponsors of the era (along with Stoker should also mention John Polidori, Joseph LEF) to create separate vampire images. In a way, "Dracula" was a pioneer of the modern vampire text, because, first of all, charmed readers of his era skillfully used technique of "reliable narrator." Of course, the novel consists of a seemingly authentic documents, diaries, letters, telegrams hero. The novel glows emotions, because the reader knows at any moment exactly what the author himself.

The author is also forced to the data bits of events – puzzles build a unified picture. This method of self-love flatters the reader's critical, but it also increases the degree of sincerity of the narrative. Thus, the real world of folklore, he lives among us – fear not! And the reader really scared. The second step was to incorporate the revolutionary terrible images of the 19th century, so familiar to the reader a picture – a world where there are modern technologies of the time: the typewriter, the locomotive and the telegraph. And in this revolutionary environment breaks paranormal factor is not religious – the sublime, and paralyzing horror aspect. For this reason, critics discerned in the image of the vampire fears rational person of the 19th century – the fear of immigration wave of female independence, forbidden sexual diversity, etc. A new genre introduced by Stoker operated sufficiently long period, until it was reduced to the usual cliches.

New Breath stagnant genre, given the published Anne Rice "Vampire Chronicles". The first novel by a series of "Interview with the Vampire" became both a classic and a cornerstone of a new literary image of the vampire, not only in getereseksualnom aspect. Rice turns upside down the traditional vampire story base of the story: a good character – a vicious vampire. Having a hero and a victim at the same time it was a vampire, Rice was not scared emergence of the question of subjectivity categories of good and bad. Confessions of a vampire, Louis – of – the baroque bright. It is full of "mortal" aesthetics. The text clearly reflects the conscience, the loneliness, despair, guilt and confusion life of a man who lived through too many epochal shift in the literal and figurative sense. After a few pages read can understand that vampires Rice – is exaggerated metaphors modern human emotions. Works Rice gave a new life half dead genre, and modern writers of vampire literature, to catch the note. They often make their characters oppressed minority among other people. At the turn of 20th and 21st centuries, one by one, followed by films and literary works devoted to this subject – Salem's Lot Stephen King, Charlaine Harris series of novels, Darren Shane and Laurel Hamilton, the teen TV series "Buffy against vampires, "bestseller 1994" Interview with the Vampire, "with some of the best Hollywood stars in major roles, and another and another …

New Russian Cinema

Today the movie does not say except "lazy." For many judgments about the box office updates have become a means of easy money. The focus is usually already well untwisted pictures with millions of investment in advertising and Each new critical note a positive effect on box office. More difficult is the case with the author's cinema. Non-commercial cinema does not affect the welfare of Film Critics. Therefore, a review of the movie neprokatnoe remain as rare as the films themselves. Regardless of budget, making the film – is a collective work. Copyright movies, usually closed to the personality of one man who controls the entire production process from writing the script to postproduction. Copyright movie is a real feat of investors, and often the entire crew.

So that the country knew their characters, I want to present the film, which remain rare in the fate of all senses. The film "UHNYA" Constantine Winogradsky discharge of such experimental work, the author, despite the seeming simplicity, has set itself an almost impossible task. For the director – this is the first experience of such scale. The idea of the film is simple and obvious – the kitchen as the center of the universe. But are not interested in culinary Winogradsky identity and place of action.

The director presents a series of pictures that are different from each other by subject and style of shooting. For millions of our countrymen, the kitchen – a place sacred. At a gas stove people argue, love, nurture children, to unravel the philosophical problems.