Certified specialist lawyer for employment law Alexander Bredereck, Berlin-Mitte to the claim on a work certificate and to the formal and substantive requirements. The case-law regularly sets a gross monthly salary or less as the value of disputes to a certificate of work. This measured in the legal fees, which are also very low. This does not do justice to the modern meaning of a work certificate. Quasi as a continuation of this fatal ideology most workers do not take seriously the importance of a work certificate enough. The fact is: A certificate with a mark of inferior good is not practically usable. One should embezzle it better from my point of view when applying.

This leads to a gap in the reviews also fatal impact on the course of the application process. Conclusion: Who today ignores sufficient titled labour certificate upon termination of an employment relationship, runs the risk that it bids in the following five to ten years considerable disadvantage him. topic. Considered financially they are considerably over a gross monthly salary. The following post is designed to provide an initial overview of the regularly occurring in the testimony of the work-related problems. 1 each employee entitled on a job reference for termination of employment (certificate of completion) of employment entitled to a written job reference at the end. The certificate must contain at least the particulars to duration and type of work (simple certificate). The workers may require that the information also extend performance and behavior in the work certificate (qualified certificate).

The latter is nowadays common and should necessarily also be required. Part-time employees and employee-like persons (trade representative, home workers) may also require a certificate. Also self-employed, so as a so-called freelance workers who actually are workers, also entitled to a certificate of work. GmbH – Managing Director, the at the same time Partner of the GmbH, may require a certificate of work.