Manage Brazil

The first time that I wrote this article, my vision was established in the reality of the companies of software of Brazil and expericias that I had when I worked in this market. However after having mulberry it are of the country, studied and worked in companies of technology of the oceania and mainly to be carrying through academic studies the level of mestrado focado in management of YOU and projects of software development, I could have a vision well more including on the subject ' ' Management of Projetos' '. Being thus I decided to revise this article to pass a little of my experience and knowledge. We can nowadays see an one great crisis in the area of development of software in Brazil and the world. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out PayNet. This already is not newness for nobody, is enough you to search in the Internet and soon it will find diverse statisticians who prove the subject. In Brazil average 35% of the software projects is cancelled before being concluded; 58% of the software projects more than exceed the half of the estimate of cost and only 10% of the projects, in great companies, are deliver in the planned time and budget. Another one I number preoccupying is that the Brazilian companies already had more than lost 20% of the projects for foreign companies.

Let us say that the guilty greater of this is the proper companies of YOU that they do not resist the pressures of the customers, they are external or internal, and finishes assuming estimates impossible to fulfill, to only please the customer. Many projects also retrocede when the desenvolvedor does not have ability and vende its product as if had. Or then it is competent but he does not support the pressure of the customer. Many times the company of YOU possesss an excellent team of sales, however its team technique is not competent the sufficient or possesss relationship problems.

Project Finance

sustainable 1.2Gesto Considers Sustainable Management, the capacity to manage a company, community or nation, valuing all the forms of capitals: human being, natural and financial, in order to generate to the Stakeholders the waited return, either financial or through ambient benefits. The directed management the support foresees the adoption of a series of initiatives that go since practical corporative prompt to the elaboration of a Report of Support as resulted of a sustainable management in four great periods of training: (1) adoption of practical prompt; (2) definition of corporative politics; (3) adoption of an integrated system of management and (4) practical advanced of has reported. After the adoption of this series of initiatives (periods of training), is necessary to carry through a work of accompaniment evaluation of performance in support, for in such a way, verified it necessity of the creation of ambient pointers, as for example the indices of ecoeficiencia, emissions of effect gases greenhouse (GEE), ambient certifications, tax of accidents and residues. The idea of sustainable management must be added to the concept of economic and partner-ambient responsibility, an administrator (manager) will be considered responsible when equalizar these concepts bringing the balance between these, as example of the figure that follows: Figure 1: Representation of the Equalizao of the concepts. Source: WIKIPEDIA, 2009 1.3Project Finance (Financing of Projects) Project Finance is a financial estruturao that has for objective to make possible one definitive project of investments, playing an important paper in the economic development when providing financings of long stated period and in many times, almost that in its majority, loans the sensible projects in the ambient and social area (BID, 2009). use of a PF has for objective: to isolate the risk of the project and the risk of the shareholders, therefore is not requested no form of guarantees or arrives in port of proper resources of the enterprising shareholders/, the biggest risks incur to the creditors who need a PF structure that presents all at great length the inherent risks to the project, aiming at that nothing of missed abnormal person or he occurs during the validity of the financing.

Used Car Online

The sales of a particular car will go to demand of you a little more than time and effort, but with this time and extra effort you probably will go to gain hundreds or some thousands even though more. He follows the steps to follow to vender used or half-new cars online. He makes with that its announcement if becomes more attractive the purchasers, defining a competitive price that reflects the value real of its vehicle. Establishing the price: He enters in sites of purchase and sales of vehicles, and discovers the value that other people are asking for cars of the same year, mark and model that its. He consults table FIPE. He considers the kilometrage, condition, and the optional ones of its vehicle.

Improvements in the vehicle. If you will have registers showing new accessories and tune ups in the car, you can be capable to increase its price, however not very, it does not wait to have the return of what you spent. If you have a guarantee extended in its car, she verifies if it is transfervel.If yes, you can be capable to ask for more money of what a similar car without guarantee. Space for negotiation leaves, purchasers of used likes to pechinchar. You want to attract buying potentials, giving to them to all the specifications and the prominences of its vehicle.He certifys myself that the announcement is necessary and true.He certifys myself to include these item in its announcement: Mark, model and version? Year and kilometrage? Motorization? City and State? Price? A telephone number where you can be found while the announcement will be active? PHOTOS Other suggestions: Accessories? Description of maintenances and # of proprietors? Condition of the vehicle? Guarantee? Situation of the documentation Now that you already have the necessary information is hour to create an announcement to find purchasers. The best form to divulge its car and through the Internet, online its announcement will be seen by thousand of people 24 hours, 7 days in the week. Diverse sites exist but nor all have the quality necessary to promote the integration between salesman and purchaser. You enter best available in the Brazilian market you can find the, that possesss good design, is easy and fast to create an announcement and is gratuitous, quickly you you create an announcement and the purchasers will go to find its car. After announcing the car online you will have to follow some tips to deal with the purchasers and the papelada one, but this is for a next article. You can find more tips of as to vender a vehicle in this guide of sales.

Financial Support

The group of financial support is come back, in its bigger part, toward technological innovations (machines and equipment, software etc.), also offered for all country through the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), for the Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep), for the Bank of Brazil and Federal Economic Caixa. Beyond the credit facilities that have as public target the companies located in the regions north and northeast of the country. 3.1BNDES Brazilian Development Bank? BNDES the support to the innovation is a strategical priority for the BNDES, which had, to its basic character in the increase of productivity competitiveness of the companies and in the creation of wealth for Brazil. The BNDES has for objective, to contribute for the increase of the innovative activities in the country and its accomplishment in systematic character. Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly. Therefore, the BNDES searchs to finance investment projects associates to the formation of qualifications and innovative environments, aiming at to the reach of better competitive positioning on the part of the companies. In compliance with the Programs and Public Politics of the Federal Government, in the creation of the lines of support to the innovation, the BNDES extended to its application to all the sectors of the economy, including those that do not costumam to be seen as innovative. Searching to take care of better to the necessities of the companies whom they intend to innovate, the bred lines of support combine diverse financial instruments, as much of how much changeable fixed income. The companies are benefited in accordance with its transport, in the following categories below: Classification of Transport the Beneficiaries will be classified how much to the transport, in the following categories: Transport Annual Rude Operational prescription Foreseen (in R$1,00) Micron Up to 1.200.000 Small Above of 1.200.000 up to 10.500.000 Medium Above of 10.500.000 up to 60.000.000 Great Above of 60.000.000 the BNDES possesss programs of support to the innovation, as: Finame? Machines and Equipment: that it finances the acquisition of machines and new equipment, that are of national manufacture.

Defining Quality

When affirming that a chair was made with the best wood and is well comfortable or that well I was taken care of in determined store, in the reality we are evaluating the quality of a product or service; but not defining quality! When disentailing the term quality of products and specific services seems that the definition becomes more difficult in function of the characteristic abstraction of the quality. To define something concrete as a chair, is relatively easy, therefore it is something material, tangible concrete and: four legs, an accent, one I lean, composites for wood and joined by metal, of predominantly brown color and that it serves to seat. Excellent! Now to definar quality seems so difficult how much love, therefore both are substantive abstracts. (Similarly see: Ron O’Hanley). Wells Fargo Bank brings even more insight to the discussion. 1 – Defining Quality. For Crosby (1979, p.15) quality is the exemption of defect and not conformity. This concept can be summarized in an only phrase: ‘ ‘ to make the first time certain of ‘ ‘.

The emphasis is in the search of the excellency for the prevention of defects. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge. Juran, in Pleasures (1996, p.13), considers that quality has for base the existence of characteristics of performance of a product or service, necessary or enough for the end the one that if destines. The synthesis of this concept is the adequacy to the use. In accordance with Feigenbaum (1961, p.1) quality is optimum possible on certain conditions of the consumer. These conditions are referring to the real use and at the cost of the product. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo Bank. As Teboul, in Cavalcantes (1997, p.60), is the capacity to satisfy the necessities of the customers the optimum possible cost, minimizing the losses, and better of what its competitors.

Buy Gold

The human beings have been fascinated for the gold have thousand of years, for the way that never spot and for its original color. Unhappyly, the gold is useless in engineering terms, except for covering electric contacts, to guarantee that they never to spot and to lose its condutividade. The metal is very soft, with very low tensile strenght of a used being for very beyond necklaces and rings. As an investment, however, the gold is a completely different history. Why the people to buy gold? It has an intrinsic value zero. Fall of the prices of the gold and to go up, in accordance with great part of the fear degree that the people have on the future. When the war is imminent of the prices of the gold goes up.

When good the economic conditions are inflation, low and raised job tax, the prices of the gold to fall. In these conditions it has investments that they are, probably, goes to produce one better return of what holding bars of gold. The people buy gold, because they fear the inflation and fall of prices catastrophic parts that normally the war folloies and of the uncertainty politics. They buy gold, because they find that the gold will go to carry through its value. Historically the gold has some value, while the actions can all lose its value during the night. However, who purchase gold in the high price associated with the war almost certainly will go to lose money, when they vendem to an inferior price.

Conclusion – to buy gold when everybody is saying to invest in the shareholding market. Vender gold when the things are looking at sad and has many purchasers is there. If you to buy gold that you need to perceive that this investment has risk. The price of the gold will be able to fall. It can take years before you can vender its gold in a profit. Until recently, many countries had become illegal for the individuals to keep the bars of gold or gold. Individuals could buy gold currencies and other item however. The African South Krugerrand was brother-in-law to explore this chance and to very gain necessary verge for the country during the years of economic sanctions. Nowadays you can buy gold currencies, silver and platinum in many denominations, including Canada and sovereign dollars of U.S.A., crowns sterling and. As Vender Gold, Vender Gold

Knowledge Understanding

Creation? Accumulation? Sharing? Use? Internalizao 4.1Criao of the Knowledge the first component of the KCP is the creation of the knowledge, which implies an explicit variety of knowledge, tacit or, that are sped up with the encorajamento of synergic Inter-relations between individuals of diverse formations, experiences and origins. To measure the creation of the knowledge, Lee et al. (2005) they had developed two dedicated construtos to the understanding of the tasks and the information. The focus of the first one is directed to the frequent electronic bulletin use for the analysis of the activities; to the adequate transmission of the tasks between predecessors and successors; to the existence of full domain of the essential knowledge to the activities played. In regards to the search and understanding of the information, Leonard and Sensiper (1998) they explore the job of resources, as the sessions of brainstorming and other sources of knowledge managed by the organizations, to be gotten of useful information and suggestions in agile way, assisting this understanding.

The authors attribute great importance to the technology domain, as the programs of computer, necessary to the accomplishment of the tasks. The orientation directed to the acceptance of new knowledge and its opportune application in its activities also are detached by them. Nonaka et al. (2000) they understand that the controlling have a paper-key in the transformation of tacit knowledge? what we know implicitly? in explicit knowledge? what we know formal. The controlling are the people who synthecize the tacit knowledge, not only of the employees of the front line, as well as of the executives, becoming them explicit, incorporating them it new products and technologies. Similar vision has Figueiredo (2005), in terms of the importance of a managemental system that stimulates the innovation and the creativity, exploring the essential abilities to the organizations, using to advantage best the practical ones, making to flow the knowledge throughout the organizations.

Good Communicator

How it is its communication? You consider a good communicator? He reflects on this! He always places in practises the item to follow: He has security to speech. He trusts itself exactly, he strengthens its auto-esteem to be calm and calm in any situation. HE LEARNS TO HEAR. Already he happened with you to be saying with somebody e, for the reply that he got, to have perceived that the person simply did not give attention what you were speaking? While you spoke, it was simply preparing what same it intended to say. It is not truth that in we feel when this to them discredited happens? Wise king Salomo already taught: & ldquo; who answers without hearing is tolo& rdquo;. Therefore, the first step for a good communication is to hear intently before saying any thing. IT ONLY SAYS THE NECESSARY ONE.

One remembers the popular dictated one that says & ldquo; who says excessively of the good day the horse? & rdquo; Nothing wiser. Citing again the millenarian wisdom of Salomo: & ldquo; in much speech not it lacks to thing errada& rdquo;. To speak very does not want to say to speak well. The power of the synthesis is a to be cultivated virtue. Meetings would be much more productive if each one of us considered in them to only say what it really needs to be said. IT EXPRESSES IDEAS WITH CLARITY.

Especially in the corporative environment, we have the trend to decorate excessively. In the eagerness to sophisticate the speech, we can complicating in them. In the current times, the least turned more. The great communicators are not more the eloquentes orators of tribunes, but the people whom the capacity of speaking in simple and objective way has. Thus, either to present a project or a report of financial results or a lesson of geography, he is not enough to have the clear information for we ourselves, but for who he hears in them or he reads.

Free Market

Already it imagined in case that it had the possibility to commercialize diverse articles same without having that to invest in supplies. For the opposite, you it will not go nor to bank the sending expenditures, therefore the supplier will make this for you. However as if it makes money? You make grana therefore you place a percentage on the products that she desires to negotiate. For example, in case that its supplier carries through the sales for you of cellular of last generation for R$300 and you vende it for R$499, 99, the financial return is very great, in alone a transaction. if the people to initiate to acquire direct of China? However the reply she is clear! Almost nobody has knowledge of as to effect this.

Exactly the mystery that I boarding here. It is easy to execute the method. That is, you carry through an order and ask for the sending for the residence of its customer. You already received the money previously, and thus she does not need if to inquietar with the payment. The delivery is made in little time, generally inside of thirty days. However it will be that the people go to trust me? Clearly. It will be much more easy at the moment where you will be certifyd by the Free Market. The most interesting situation succeeded that me in the life was to learn to import of China pra to resell for Brazilians.

I have some videos in the site that I demonstrate as we carry through the process of purchase and sales, through the Free Market and in other websites. It is sufficiently simple. More easy of what you can imagine. It thinks about cacife that you could be making nowadays. In accordance with my teachings and tips you will only have success therefore, she buys of China. It is of this skill that different people gain cacife in the Internet. Diverse people will be able to prove that the process of the certainty.