There are several people that as soon as I mention that I have a consumer business networks in the act, I usually look at two ways: as if it were a vile and materialistic or cheat like a poor deluded cheated. Even the first sentence I hear is: but that’s fraud right? and I really very inconvenient and why deny it, it bothers me to the marrow of my spine: the truth know that I am neither stupid nor exploited. Sanity because I know that was what I myself thought, saw and said to see another person who should be associated with such business models. I myself did not enter the business in a first impression, but I had the courage to investigate and walked until I was fully convinced that business was a reliable, productive and loyal. I mentioned more than once, that for me the wealth goes far beyond having a lot of money on luxuries banal, when in fact we have an internal vacuum. Getting rich, to me has more to do with liberty and have the capacity Give, give everything we love it and find the padding that covers the internal vacuum.

And because of that I have no time to walk people doing fraud. More interests me and I seek an honest (legal) and obtain true freedom is what drives my ropes to navigate the business world. And so I took the trouble to investigate about this type of business before signing a company.