the State and its taxpayers. But outside that sector, the reduction of costs is evident. Closure or sales of units of production, reduction of staff, expenses, will make the day tomorrow, these factors must obligatorily be reversed, and who is invested in the stock market, hoping lurking to capitalize on it. Don’t wait to buy shares when the economy improves. At that time, the higher profits of the actions, will have lost says Buffett.

A joke: a person asks God why in life do not did you win the lottery. And God asks why not have at least bought a lottery ticket. The same happens in the market. Unable to generate money in various ways: collecting dividends, betting on the growth of enterprises, risking capital in speculation, generating a fixed income per month, the market does everything for us. But we have to strive to determine the right time for the product just in time to market ourselves. And that is what we are achieving in our Global value investment newsletter. Finding the products of investment that fit at the time, and to adapt to the times running, and most especially, that are building future. Companies that all depend in our daily life, from which they can not stop relying for our livelihood.

Many of these companies are today’s offer in the United States stock exchange. Today everything is much more accessible than two years ago. It is difficult to resist the temptation, and not try to emulate Warren Buffett, who made his multimillion-dollar fortune by entering in the righteous moments of market. One of the tips from Buffett to earn money: always look how much the person who wants to sell you something is winning. Global value takes a 20% rise since its launch, barely two months ago. The best time to invest in Wall Street: + 20% in 60 days want to know where to invest your money? You can enter here to find out and start investing in the new recommended in August. Already arrive in September! Write me at for more details.