Over the Internet you remain on a trip around the world with friends and family in touch, in which corner you are just traveling the world, at home would your friends and family sure like with you in contact. Finally all the poor mothers, fathers, girlfriends and friends and co-workers worry, if your plane landed well and if you have found your hotel whether you eat well. Okay, maybe they worry too much about the latter, but always a beautiful thing is to stay in touch. The way, how we communicate on travel, has changed drastically in recent years. 20 years ago we could remain just a letter or maybe a phone call in connection, today there are mobile phones and the Internet that help us to stay at home up to date on what is happening and to inform the Zuhausegebliebenen about us. With technologies like Facebook and other social networks you can upload even with mobile phone photos taken just a few seconds after recording and the fascinating motifs in the same Moment, in which you perceive it, show your friends.

You can start even a travel blog and give the address of your family, so that she always can watch your world travel diary. Whenever you update it, save yourself the time to write 20 emails with the same information to different people. Now you can easily share the information with many. Also, there are excellent sites like Twitter, which you can publish short notes, which your friends can see what is on your. So you can make a little envious of them, if you Tweet about the helicopter ride over Niagara Falls, the exploration of the Congo or the walk along the great wall.

The Internet is also ideal for times, to which it is not possible to call home. If you do not have the cash to make an international call, or no hand phone is easy, you can use online programs to stay in touch. There are also You have the Internet language camera connect and downloadable programs available to them, so that you can make video calls and can talk face to face with their counterparts. And the best: so you can even ensure that you lead world’s cheap phone calls. Just tell your parents that they more need to not worry about the cost, and assure them that you can always keep in touch, no matter where you just end up! Karoline Sanam