introduction to the company, a leader presents information on the ACN business (services, products, management team, potential gains, compensation plan …), the system to earn money and status VDI. If you go home ACN, you develop your financial business by acquiring new customers. Then, to make more money, you will develop an organization of representatives who will also have their customer base. You will earn bonuses and then a residual income. Your customers can purchase telephone subscriptions or even videophone, very popular in the business. You’ll get paid, not on the registration of new representatives, but on the consumption of telephone services: this is what makes a legal system. But let me tell you, first, that ACN is not the only network marketing company that exists, and certainly not the best. Imagine a company where you are asked to make a customer base, but once acquired it, you do not win as cents: ACN is! The rates of the videophone, the flagship product, are exorbitant.

Their system is far from proven and is not used by Mr Tout Le Monde. The Mentored – representatives – must create a network through the marketing system that is to contact your friends, invite them as you have been invited to join their organization. What frequently happens is that a representative is found to invite dozens of people, knowing that there is nothing in network marketing, and receiving a presentation where incomes are often somewhat exaggerated, decided not to build their business home. Your guests do not believe the person who made the presentation, they do not believe they can do what you do, they do not think they are capable and do not forget that few people are ready to launch in entrepreneurship. The advertising – marketing – your group of representatives from your team at ACN, will probably “talk to all your loved ones.” If this system can work, it is not so simple.

Unfortunately, the promises of success made at the first meeting are often followed by any other training worthy of the name. Both representatives have been abandoned by their sponsors – and even several levels up. This makes the failure and abandonment of the massive majority of people who have registered nearly 400 with the dream of a better future, yet to wear hand.