Letter to Barack Obama and Mrs Clinton: Here, if there is a dictatorship. " The United States seems predestined by the providence to plague of misery ours pueblos". Simon Bolivar. Constantly we see in national and international the news, as he manipulates himself information referred to Venezuela and other Latin American countries, that have decided on the route of the socialism, accusing them to have totalitarian or dictatorial regimes. This is not a mistaken campaign, but it is the campaign orchestrated and paid by the Department of North American State, from time of the ominous administration of the sicpatas Bush and from before. Everything smells the Department to him of North American State to Comunism, has not surpassed the stupid Cold War, of the time of the missing Soviet Union and wants to reedit it with Latin America and the Caribbean in these times of liberation, giving us to understand that Barack Obama, only follows the imposed imperialistic policies from the past administrations of white men, and from the great centers of being able of Capitalism, perhaps moved by some rare feeling of disability or ideological and political submission to the administration Bush and other previous ones. In Venezuela Mrs Clinton, if there is a dictatorship, that is truth, like also it is truth that enters Condoleezza and you only exist a change of skin color, but that the ideology of imperialistic domination is the same.

We only ask why strange imposition, Mrs. Clinton arrives at the Department of state if it were more great rival of Obama to the presidency of the United States? Because if we critically analyzed the recent electoral panorama in the United States, already Chvez had defeated very mediatically to the incapable one of Mr. Bush. If there is a dictatorship in Venezuela, he is very strong, extremely fortified by several reasons, because in Venezuela the town commands.