These additional benefits include: – competitive advantages (low cost, better terms of delivery, quick service, etc.) – "secondary gain", which is achieved by getting the main benefit. For example, if you do some sport, you have the main goal of the perfect figure, but beyond that you also improve your health, although it was not your main purpose. By offering their products to man essentially you have to offer in a promotional offer benefits that he is a bear. And this should be done right from the beginning of the text. How best to do this? – Tell the reader to get this benefit. – Can be to offer the very benefits. – Tell us about how to obtain this benefit. – Ask the question: "He wanted to get these benefits?" – To tell how the other person has received such benefits.

– You can quote the words of another person about how he got benefit. – And so on Regardless of how this benefit will be provided, it must be explicitly told in the first few lines. And there – either in the same sentence, or the next – it is worth mentioning one or two additional benefits. When it comes to the qualitative benefits, it is worth talking about as soon as a result of which will receive or can get the client. The new status, a new profession, and transfer the additional benefits of this status.

When it comes to quantify benefits should talk about its value in concrete figures. Using keywords such as' how much ',' how many times "and" by what percentage. " Here are some examples of its use: – want to know how a couple of months to increase sales are five times? – After you use our cream a few weeks will look like 5 years younger! – Etc. To this article can not be for you only the bare theory, I suggest you try to write some options for advertising your titles of goods or services. Try before you write them yourself to give answers to such questions here. What is the main benefit from buying your product or service? What are the additional benefits? Write down everything you might have in mind the options and then play around with the text. Learning to write the correct advertising copy and headlines, you can increase sales of your products. Learn the basics of electronic commerce site RUCOMMERS.RU, and you can build a profitable online business. Articles in order for our site to solve many problems.