Since the final finishing of walls is not done, you can safely increase or decrease the doorway without any material cost. If the walls are covered with wallpaper and painted or put an expensive tile or cork cover, then reduce or enlarge an opening in this case, can be very time consuming and capital-intensive process. best way to invite it to of the company store where you plan to buy a door, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings regarding purchased doors and their sizes. Besides making the measurement it is at this stage of repair, you will get an advantage since most of the shops specializing in the sale of interior doors is working under the order (in rare cases a stock program for the screwed models), period of performance, which varies from 15 to 60 days time of the contract. Making the right measurement and discussing the actual size of doorways and doors can move on to finishing the walls and floor, to the same by ordering the doors in the shop, you have a lot of time on it! Most quality doors in the Russian market – wood, and have a three-layer structure. The first layer – is the foundation, usually pine, a second mdp, and finally, veneer. This design is usually complies with the environmental requirements and the most optimal for the price – quality. Base – pine, is the strength and practicality of construction, mdf – increases the structural strength, but mainly serves as factor in preventing swelling and shrinkage leaf, and its deformation due to the transition to the earth – year period and changes in temperature and humidity in the room, veneer – decorative trim.