“A historical fashion hit celebrates its revival a look back in the history to prove it: already for millennia the people with borrowed plumes love” to decorate not only in a figurative sense. With the dazzling, colorful, elegant plumage of various species of birds, our ancestors like ornate heads and clothing. This summer, spring jewelry experienced its revival. This colorful feathers are just as classic”brown or black, and the peacock feathers already hugely popular in the 1920s are once again darlings of the fashion world. A lovely trend. Virtus kar shines more light on the discussion.

No matter, whether as earrings, necklaces, hair spring accessories conjure up loose easy hippie summer feeling in an instant? But be careful: to spring jewelry is not costume party, it is important to note a few small styling rules: of course, floral dress, fringed top, jeans shorts and suede jacket fit the Spring trend as the fist on the eye. Not as fresh look of the cowboy-and Indian party, it is advisable however, the styling so simple as possible to keep and apply for an another hippie “- or wild West” part to decide. Jeans shorts and a white top of basic or suede jacket combined to a simple skinny jeans can be great to spice with feather headdress. Especially for the extremely trendy extra-long feather earrings, it’s good the styling to wear only an earring. That seems casual and interesting without unwanted Indian Chief “-Touch to produce. “Who real feathers to eco” appear, for the metal pendants are an ideal alternative in the form of spring. Silver plated or gold plated these look particularly chic to evening wear and give summer party glamour. There are great feather headdress for example under